Insurance Quotes from Multiple Companies

California SR22 auto insurance can be complicated when you do not know what to expect. For starters, SR22 auto insurance is a proper class. The traditional rules do not apply here and the communication between the policyholder, the state and the insurance company can be very frequent, to say the least. SR22 auto insurance is necessary for DWI and DUI offenders to get their licenses reinstated. If your license is suspended for other reasons such as too many outstanding parking tickets or failure to pay child support, SR22 auto insurance may be the only way to get your license. The good news is, the California auto insurance SR22 is not forever, especially if you follow these steps.


1.Contact your current insurance company auto insurance to inquire about SR22. Most auto insurance companies do not offer this type of auto insurance products.

2.When your car insurance company offering SR22 insurance, follow steps 4-6.

3. If your auto insurance company does not offer SR22 auto insurance, contact an insurance agent or a California auto insurance broker license in California SR-22 auto (preferably). The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) have lists of licensed local agents. Check the website or call NAIC NAIC at 816-783-8500 directly.

4.After obtaining SR22 auto insurance, you must do politics for three years from the date of driving privileges have been reinstated.

5.During the period of three years, we can not allow politics to SR22 to cancel, lapse or be terminated. Do not miss payments (even for one day) and you can not change providers without notice. If any of these problems occur, the company SR22 auto insurance is required (by law) to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. This means that your three-year period will start again from the beginning, no matter how long it has taken the SR22 insurance.